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It's the best way to stream music with friends around the world easily connecting all music accounts

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All your music in one place

Invite your friends to help you choose music from your accounts. Chat with them and pass the Dj controls to any friend at any time.

Join your friends' Fiestas

Choose the party you like the most, you can previously see what songs it has and who is participating. Join in to listen to the DJ and add your music

Connect your accounts

With Fiesta you can connect your accounts like Spotify, YouTube, Deezer, Souncloud and your local music. Create playlists that combine your accounts and listen to your music without ads or video.

Livestream your music

Invite your friends on social media to join, listen live and add music to your Fiesta.

Pass the Dj controls

Deliver Fiesta's DJ controls to whoever you want at any time so they can pause, play and delete songs.

Save your Fiesta as a playlist

If you liked the music you heard at the Fiesta, save it as a playlist to listen to whenever you want.

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