1¿How to generate a password for Spotify using Facebook?
If you registered on Spotify Premium using Facebook you must follow these steps to connect your account with Fiesta:> Settings> Account settings> Security and login> Use two-step authentication> Application passwords> Spotify> Generate password Use that password to log in! You will access your playlists and music from your Spotify Premium account from Fiesta.
2¿What is App Fiesta?
You and your friends can choose music from all your accounts like Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music and local music to listen to it together. Download App Fiesta and join the party! Create a Fiesta and invite your friends! Everyone can choose songs from all their accounts and add them to the playlist to listen without video or ads. And the best part? If you don't have speakers, simply synchronize your phones to amplify the sound! or better yet, transmit the sound, if you have many speakers connect all the phones to each one and launch an epic party!
3How to enter my subscriptions? In: Spotify, YouTube, Deezer.
1. Touch the "menu" icon located in the upper left corner of the home screen 2. Go to "Subscriptions" 3. Touch "Add" on the subscriptions you want to log in to and connect your music safely.
4¿How to make a Fiesta?
1.Choose a playlist from the home screen (or look it up in the search engine located at the top) 2. Choose one song or the entire playlist with which you want to start the party. Remember that to start with 1 song just touch it and to start the Fiesta with the whole playlist you must touch the "Play all" button located at the top.
5¿How to add music to the Fiesta?
1. Once the Fiesta is created the player will be displayed, select the "add music" icon (a musical note with the + sign) 2.The player will be minimized and the home screen will appear again, there, choose the playlist you want and touch the "+" sign of each song to add it. Remember that you can also select "Add all" to add the entire content of the playlist to the Fiesta.
6¿How to join a Fiesta?
1.In the upper part of the home screen there is the "Join a Party" section, there you can select a Party to join or you can touch "see all" to observe the different categories of Fiestas or look for a specific Fiesta in the search engine. 2. When you have selected the Fiesta you want to join, click on the "Join" button located at the top.
7¿How to add songs to a playlist?
1.From home, select a playlist 2. In the song you want to add to your playlist, touch the "options" icon (3 points) 3.Select "Add song to a Fiesta playlist" and choose the playlist to which you want to add the song.
8¿How to search for my Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music or local songs?
1. From the home touch the search engine located at the top 2. Write a keyword for your search, be it the name of the artist, the song, the album, etc. (example: "Shakira") 3. Then touch the "Search" button on your keyboard and you will see the results of all your subscriptions. 4. When you find what you are looking for, touch the "+" icon if you are in a Fiesta to add it, or the "options" icon (3 points) to add the result to a Fiesta playlist.
9¿How to make all phones play at the same time?
When you create or join a Fiesta it is configured by default so that participants hear the music in sync. To change this settings: 1. Expand the player up 2. Touch the "options" icon (3 points) located in the upper right corner of the screen. 3. Go to "Configure Fiesta" 4. Turn Sync Mode on to listen in sync with the rest of the participants or off to choose the music and listen alone.

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